I went to the Reno air races in 2005. Fastest racing you’ll ever see and it puts formula One back in the pits! See my amateurish quicktime movies from a  freezing day. Play LOUD!

Unlimited silver
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The money that I make from these means that I can give you all this stuff. So:

Take a look at my business advice services.

This is my current business brochure. Get ready for a 1.5mb download

If you are a pilot, here’s some great software that I sell.

This is where I experiment with software capabilities, so it can look a bit weird but there’s links to lots of interesting and useful stuff
I’ve learnt the hard way, so if you want to know how I:

Set up a limited company

Got myself a web domain

Built my  own web site

Then visit this page and select business guides from the menu
More, mostly free resources that I’ve found really useful:
I’m using PDF files more and more:
to send originals to my printers;
making sure that attachments look like I want them to.
Lots of software has a PDF generator in it, but   this is a really good free PDF generator called Primo PDF

Paperless printer also ‘prints’ to PDF, HTML,RTF,Excel, JPEG and BMP.

PDF compressor claims to reduce the size of PDFs. I got a graphic file from 1.8mb to1.7mb but give it a go and wait for it to report finishing.

Struggling with FTP uploads? AceFTP is a free drag and drop package.

I use Serif software a lot for graphics, DTP and web work. These are free downloads of much earlier versions. OK for a one off job, but I’d really recommend the latest versions. Usually under £70 and much, much better.

I use 1and1 for my web domain and email management. I’ve had no problems. I do get a small commission from this link.
Look at the links on the right for stuff  that I mention in the guides
Want to go flying? Then look at the gliding club that I’m a member of.
About me at work
(190k PDF)

                         And at play
                         (230k PDF)

I’m trying out a Google gadget here

Still paying Microsoft? Get Open Office for free. It does everything office does and is fully compatible with Office file formats.


Still using Microsoft for the web?

Get Mozilla, the best web browser and Thunderbird, a brilliant email client.


They are both FREE and are much less a target for viruses and trojans.

To actually host my sites, I’ve moved to hostinguk whom I am very pleased with. And I don’t get a commission from this link! I’m just pleased with them